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Pottsville Open Writers, or POW!, is an informal group that gathers together once a month to support and encourage each member in writing original prose or poetry.  This is a free group with no membership fees and no formal structure (no president, secretary, elections, etc.). Each month a different person leads the group and chooses the subject.  New members are always welcome!

Summer break in July and August

NEXT MEETING:  September 10th, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. 


"Clowning Around"

Dates for future meetings:
October 8th

In case of inclement weather, please check the POW! Facebook page or call the library at 570-622-8880 to find out if a meeting has been rescheduled.

For questions about POW! you can contact the group moderator, Sally Weaver Morgan, at powpot@yahoo.com; or contact the Pottsville Library Reference Department at potref@pottsvillelibrary.org.  Or connect with other members of the group on the POW! Facebook page.

Meetings are on the second Saturday of the month at the Pottsville Library unless otherwise announced, with a Summer Break in July and August.

The first meeting of POW! was on Saturday, January 17, 2009.  The initiator of the group, Henry Dallimore, shared a short piece he had written while he lived in southern England.  Members discussed what they heard (some envisioned themselves in a medieval forest, others at Hawk Mountain) and what they took away from his work.

We were saddened by the passing of the group founder, Henry Dallimore, in April 2015. He had so much to share with his adopted Pottsville community, and he shared it gladly. His passion for writing, his encouragement to all who wanted to try, and his love of the public library are memories that will always be with us. 

Aims and Objectives of the group:

POW! is a community writing organization which is open to all individuals 18 and older, but particularly welcomes people who need to develop confidence in expressing themselves.  We encourage members to find their own voice and experiment with new writing methods and styles.  We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment, which enables members to build their social skills, confidence and self-esteem, thereby promoting personal development.

All members are encouraged to be actively involved in the running of POW!.  Each meeting is led by a different group member, who chooses the topics for the month.

Guidelines for POW meetings:

Appreciate, encourage, respect and value all members and their work.

All meetings, workshops, activities and events are open to any member who wishes to attend .

Members are asked to respect all attendees on the grounds of race, religion, belief, culture, social or economic status, age, disability, appearance, gender or sexual orientation.

Attendees are asked to avoid prejudiced remarks and rude or inappropriate jokes.

Do not swear or use rude or coarse language.  Do not talk about inappropriate subjects in the Group.

Do not monopolize Group discussions.

Think carefully before reading out your work.  Could anyone be offended, hurt or embarrassed by what you have written?  If you are unsure, please check with the Group Leader first.

Do not take more than your fair share of the reading time.  Help the Group Leader to give everyone an equal chance to read.

Listen carefully when other members are reading their work.

Be polite, patient and kind.  Make sure your feedback is positive.

Always try to be aware of other memberís needs and vulnerabilities.

Speak slowly and clearly.  Do not cover your mouth whilst reading or talking.

If you have a problem within the group, please tell the Group Moderator about it.  We will do our best to resolve any issues which might arise.


For more information please contact the Library by email at potref@pottsvillelibrary.org

or by telephone at (570) 622-8880.

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