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The Pottsville Library was designated a Federal depository library in 1967, and we provide access to both United States and Pennsylvania agency publications in print and online. If you cannot find an agency or publication, please contact us for assistance!  For popular online federal publications, go to the GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS page on this site. For federal, state and local elected officials, go to our Legislative Directory page.

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Legal Resources -- Federal and Pennsylvania

General resources, search services and basic starting points: Politics, Presidents, and Processes Specific federal agencies and other resources
Note: the words "Dept.", "Bureau", and "U.S." are not included in the alphabetization. For example, "US Supreme Court" would be found under "Supreme" with the S's, rather than under "US" with the U's.
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Pennsylvania Government Agencies and Resources

Starting Points Agencies and Departments

Foreign Governments

Last checked and updated May 25, 2021.

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