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Interlibrary Loan is the borrowing and lending of materials between libraries. If the Pottsville Free Public Library does not own the material you need, we can attempt to obtain it through ILL (Interlibrary Loan). To give us the best advantage, we need to have as much information as possible on the material requested; i.e. Author, Title, Publisher, Date, etc.

 When requesting journal articles, we need the author of the article, the title, volume, and page numbers of the magazine. Many Libraries charge for photocopies, we will notify you of any charges before requesting the material. Due to the copyright law, we may not request more than five journal articles from any magazine printed in the last five years.

 Certain material is difficult to obtain such as reference books, genealogy material, best-sellers, and sound recordings. Entertainment DVDs and videos are not available through ILL.  Books published within the last six months will not be requested through ILL, but may be suggested for purchase by the Library.

 You must have a valid Pottsville Library card to use ILL.

 ILL service is free, however charges may occur if the lending library charges for the loan. We will inform you of any charges before requesting the material.

 To place a request you must contact the Reference Department either in person, by telephone at (570) 622-8880, or by email at

Last Updated February 22, 2012.

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